About Us

The place

About My Brinkmybrink Towers aka ‘the office’ is in the heart of bustling Paddington.
Not wanting to entirely let go of our student days, our office features café areas, table football zones and pool tables. Plenty of serious work takes place here; but in a sociable, ambitious and inspiring culture, which is what mybrink is all about.

The back story

Upon graduating, our co-founders found themselves let down by the career channels and opportunities available. Like so many graduates, they held ambitions and dreams, but were surprised by how limited the options were to research and engage with graduate employers. While social media, branding and personal connections dominate every other aspect of life, graduate recruitment was highly transactional, based on traditional job boards and databases of CVs.

They felt anonymous, and that a CV alone was no way to develop a personal brand and get them noticed. They started talking to recruiters, only to find out they were frustrated too. Employers want to see more of the personality behind the CV, have the opportunity to build their brands with graduates and tease out the real talent that will be their rising stars. 

The vision

So mybrink was born. An online talent marketplace where students and graduates could market their skills, employers could market their organisations, and the interaction of the two would result in connections and successful employment.

mybrink takes the stress out of job seeking and talent searching. It is an online space where students are supported with resources, advice and every opportunity to impress and be found by employers.

A place where you can relax and find information, jobs and candidates.

‘’Whether you are embarking on your career, or searching for new talent, we wish you every success’’.

Faiza and Jami

Co-founders, mybrink.com