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This section is absolutely key. It is a summary of;

  • Your academic record
  • Work experience skills
  • Core skills and attribute
  • What drives you and what career or type of employer you are pursuing

Won any academic prizes? Awesome!

Helped people through charity work? Wowsers!

Achieved a 2:1 whilst holding down a Saturday job? Epic achievement!


This is your chance to pack some punch, engage the employer so that they want to read on. Be relevant, succinct and make sure you get across your USPs (unique selling points) that make you a fabulous proposition. See a sample professional profile here:

Marketing graduate with 2:1 looking for first advertising or marketing role in London. Passionate and knowledgeable about social media, I write my own blogs and won a prize for my contribution to the University online newspaper. I would love to work for a charity.

Currently studying Politics and Economics I am keen to pursue a career in business in a global environment. Bilingual in English and German, I am happy to travel or relocate around Europe.

Having achieved top level A level grades I decided to study politics and economics as I am fascinated by how the world economy works. My interest in business has developed though working in my family business in the holidays and I am looking to develop my career in a large company who offers career progression in sales and management.

I am confident and ambitious. As president of my university politics club I have invited speakers and taken part in debates, showing my strong communication and negotiation skills. I have organised dinners and events as part of this role, demonstrating my ability to lead and organise.

I am very commercially aware as demonstrated in my dissertation in which I studied the impact of the most successful businesses in Europe on the economy.

Outside of my academic studies I love watching and participating in sport. Perhaps appealing to the competitive side of my nature, I believe I would thrive in a commercial sales and target driven environment.

One day I hope to run my own team, department or business. In my first role, I wish to use my work experience, my communication skills, commercial awareness and drive, and the economic and business knowledge gained through my degree, to make a positive impact on an exciting global company.

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