Our Story

The journey of Faiza & Jami (Co-founders)

Upon graduating, we found ourselves faced with various challenges and let down by the career channels and opportunities available to us. We graduated with ambitions and dreams, but were surprised by how limited our options were to research and engage with graduate employers. While social media, branding and personal connections dominate every other aspect of life, graduate recruitment was highly transactional, based on traditional job boards and databases of CVs.

We felt frustrated that having invested years in studying and developing our skills, we were unaware of the jobs available and recruiters were unaware of us. We felt anonymous, and that a CV alone was no way to develop a personal brand and get us noticed.

Through our research and conversations with graduate recruiters, we realised there were frustrations on this side of the process too. Professionals seeking talent want to see more of the personality behind the CV, the human behind the application. And organisations want the opportunity to build their brands with graduates, not just post job adverts.

And this was the beginning of We wanted to launch an online talent marketplace - where students and graduates could market their skills, employers could market their organisations, and the interaction of the two would result in connections and successful employment. Our vision was to use social media and networking principles to enable students to gain recognition of their hard work, knowledge and skills. And on the recruiter side, a database of high calibre potential candidates as well as access to smart search technologies and social media platforms, to personalise and target their branding.

We are immensely proud and excited to bring to the market. From us, as recent graduates, to you, the new generation of talent and talent seekers, it is our gift.

Whether you are embarking on your career, or searching for new talent, we wish you every success.

Faiza and Jami

Think career. Think recruitment. Think Brink.