10 things you must remember on interview day


Congratulations – you landed the interview – your application form and CV stood out from the other applicants. Now you need to make sure you stand out from the other ‘finalists’.

1         Breathe. It sounds obvious but at times of stress our breathing can become less regular. If you can concentrate for a few minutes on breathing in and out calmly, you will maintain your composure and appear more confident and prepared. Feeling sick with nerves? Still eat breakfast – there’s nothing more off putting than a rumbling stomach!


2         Dress appropriately – whatever the company, a smart conservative appearance will be the most sensible thing to wear. Make sure your clothing is clean and your shoes are polished. First impressions really do count.


3         Be prepared by checking out your route beforehand – work out a plan B in case your chosen route/transport isn’t available. Allow plenty of time so that you can arrive 5-10 minutes early.


4         Before you arrive for your interview – pop into a coffee shop round the corner - look in a mirror and check your appearance – if you’ve rushed, take a moment to adjust your clothing and check your hair and make up. Wash your hands so they are clean and dry; presenting a calm and capable exterior is really important even if your insides are fluttering! Have a bottle of water with you and take a few sips.


5         Put your phone on silent, or better still, turn it off. Don’t check your social media or emails just before you go in to the interview or you might be distracted by the things you read.


6         Be friendly and polite to everyone you meet – the receptionist, as well as anyone showing you where to go – they may well be asked for feedback about the interview candidates.


7         The interview is a conversation – it’s an opportunity for you to find out as much as you can about the position and the company – as well as present yourself in the best light. Practise the questions you know you’ll be asked, things like - why are you applying for the job, what can you bring to the company, why should they choose you, what experience do you have etc – so that you have answers ready and you’re not clutching at straws for answers.


8         Take a copy of your completed application form and CV with you – as well as a pen and notebook – write down a few questions to ask as prompts in case you have a blank moment, as well as a few key points that you know you want to get across – if you have some brilliant, relevant experience for example. Make sure you empty your bag and repack it before you attend the interview – remove all old wrappers and receipts so that you can lay your hands quickly on what you need.


9         Smile. You’ll appear more confident and relaxed, smiles are always returned. They make everyone feel better.


10       Thank your interviewer for their time. Ask when you might hear from them if they haven’t mentioned it – and the next day follow up with a polite email thanking them as well.


From the mybrink team, good luck!