How to get to the brink of career success and over it


Tips from our student blogger, now graduate blogger

Lauren Waugh


It’s a scary prospect leaving university.....

For some, it will be the end of 17 years of education and leaving behind the known.


However, leaving university is also an exciting time. For the first time you can start to take big steps towards your career and see all your hard work pay off.


I was terrified. After my last exam I had crammed in interviews with possible employers and recruiters, not allowing myself enough time to really prepare for these roles.


While having a job is important, it’s just as important to ensure it really is the job for you. So look at all your options.


Graduate schemes are the obvious turn to, though many recruiting now will be for the following year. So you will still need to make ends meet if you plan to stay in your beloved university town or city, or move back in with the parents.


On the plus side, graduate schemes offer a fixed contract and really give you a chance to explore your chosen profession, from rookie to manager, and will give you them all important transferable skills. The assessments for graduate schemes are tough, you will really need to prep, but there is a sense of achievement when you make it on.


For other roles, the graduate schemes are limited or non-existent, particularly in creative industries. For those of you who want to make it in these areas, look at what role you want to get. Whether that’s a director, artist or editor and see what other people have done to gain experience. Linked in is great for such research.


Reach out and offer your skills to your connections, but be sure to set yourself a fair price.  Don’t be afraid to go out and get career advice, there will be a wealth of career building roles out there and people wanting to help you find them.


If you’re just not done with education don’t be. A Masters isn’t for everyone, but may really help develop your skills, specialise in your field, or equipped you with the skills you need.


Overall, with my graduation coming up, I am nervous. While I have secured a full time role, a rare case, it is still daunting knowing this is the start of adult nine-to-five life and can direct my overall career.


I keep reminding myself though, that it’s never too late to change your mind and whatever career choice you make, it is sure to develop you help you grow. Don’t worry; you’re on exactly the path you need to be.


Congratulations on your new role Lauren – from the mybrink team!

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