How to make your student accommodation feel like ‘home’


Are you about to set off for university for the first time? Getting your room right can help you settle in.

Your room is the one place you can have total control – unlike the kitchen where you’ll need to share things and get used to clearing up pretty quickly! Depending on your budget, choose some or all of the suggestions below to make your room cosy and you’ll feel at home in no time at all. Most student accommodation is pretty plain and bland so there’s plenty of scope to make it your own. Think of it as a blank canvas, somewhere you can inject your personality.


It’s unlikely that you’ll be able to paint your walls, so invest in some blu-tack and put up your favourite posters.


Think about what your preferred look is, after all your room will need to be conducive to both relaxing and studying. Like the minimalist look? Keep items to monochrome or one colour and use clever storage to keep surfaces clear. Want a home away from home? Make use of walls and shelves for personal effects and pictures. Into colour and creativity? Funky posters and bright coloured cushions could work wonders.


Make a photograph collage of your favourite people, pets and things that you love – add to it during the term as and when you do something exciting or meet new people.


Fairy lights – they’re a great way to brighten any room, some have pegs on them so you can attach postcards or photographs. Remember to turn them off when you’re not in the room.


Pick up a couple of attractive storage boxes with lids – something like seagrass is nice to look at as well as being useful – you need somewhere to keep your personal items and papers in your room out of sight, but easy to find when you need them. A low stack of boxes can also double up as a bedside table.


Use a diffuser or a plug in air freshener to keep your room smelling fresh – they’re safer than candles and come in a wonderful range of scents.


Visit Ikea or a large supermarket – you can pick up a rug and make the flooring more cosy if it’s a bit past its best – especially if you’re wandering around in socks or bare feet!


Nowadays you can also buy cushions relatively cheaply in all kinds of fabrics from fluffy cosy ones to fabric that matches your bedding, in a variety of shapes and sizes.  Pick a few different ones for a really sumptuous look.


Finish it off with a blanket or a throw to make your bed a comfortable place to sit and listen to music or chat with friends. They can all be moved off when you go to bed so it kind of creates a different piece of furniture during the day.


If you have found some different ways of making your room feel like ‘home’ let us know so we can share your ideas with new students!