Why you should think twice about dressing down on Fridays


Dress down Fridays have become common practice in many workplaces. But is it always a good idea?

We’ve all heard about dress down Fridays – we get to the end of the week and start looking forward to planning our weekends. But if you dress down do you start the weekend early? Does your attitude change if you’re wearing your ‘own clothes’? Remember mufti days at school? The children loved them, the teachers didn’t. Behaviour went out of the window while the children lost focus and thought it was a ‘play day’.


There are obviously two sides to this and as we’re fair and objective, we’ll give you both – make sure you choose wisely!



·         Quicker to get ready in the morning

·         More relaxed feel about the day

·         Less effort all round

·         You get to choose the clothes that reflect your personality

·         Your weekend starts as soon as you leave work

·         Can create a ‘team’ environment putting everyone on a level



·         If you’re mixing with external companies or customers who don’t have a dress down day, you’ll look scruffy and inefficient

·         In the early days of your career, it’s important that you look and dress the part – you want to be taken seriously

·         It’s hard to get a balance with non professional clothing – it can be taken too far and one person’s casual is another person’s scruffy

·         If a last minute opportunity comes up to attend an important meeting, and it happens to be on a Friday and you’re sat in the office looking ready to hit the clubs, you could be overlooked. And if this turned out to be an opportunity to be exposed to some senior level, high profile professionals in your organisation – it could actually have an impact on your career


Clothing style can be very industry specific. If you’re working for a design agency, or a role within a creative industry, it’s often ok to show your personality through your choice of clothing and hairstyle.


For the majority of graduate jobs, you’ll be doing a professional, serious job that requires a professional, capable appearance, and shorts and flip flops just won’t cut it.


There’s a middle ground in terms of smart trousers and a shirt without a tie, but at the end of the day can you really afford to take a chance in today’s competitive world, where every day is your next opportunity to shine and stand out?


A mybrink tip – keep a smart outfit in the office, and ensure your manager knows it. That way, you can transform back to Monday to Thursday attire if required.


Ultimately the choice is yours! It’s your image and your career, so make sure you make your decision with your eyes wide open.