Can you take our new platform to the brink of success?

17/03/2017 is a new online talent market place for students and graduates. We’re offering something different, a chance for students to connect early with recruiters and showcase themselves through a multi-media profile which says so much more than a CV.

We want to get students to the brink of success – and over it. We’ve got the platform and technology. And now we need to get the word out.

Student brand ambassador roles – UK wide 

Can you take our brand out into your universities and promote us with enthusiasm, excitement and passion? Are you looking for a chance to develop and demonstrate some sales, communication and engagement skills that will be invaluable on your CV? 
Will some extra income come in handy?
If so, contact us now.

We’ll need you to:

  • Tell other students about mybrink.
  • Put up posters and/or distribute flyers and other materials.
  • Represent mybrink at freshers and graduate fairs.
  • Share, like and follow mybrink on social media.
  • Promote our competitions.
  • Have ideas on how we can promote mybrink further in your university or college.
  • Demo our platform to students and get them logging in.

Generous cash bonuses and other incentives based on sign ups.

Contact to find out more.

Check out the site at