Engineering Mini-Guide


Engineering is concerned with problem solving.

Career - Engineering

What is it?

Engineering is concerned with problem solving.  If you are looking for a career in Engineering it could be in any field such as Aerospace, Chemical, Electrical, Manufacturing, Nuclear, Agricultural & Biosystems, Civil, Environmental, Materials and Petroleum.

What skills and qualifications will I need?

You will need an interest and skills in Maths, Science, Research and Development, Design, Maintenance, Manufacturing and Production.  Engineering is all about how things work and building technology to find out more.  You could be involved in research, development and build – using CAD software, building and testing prototypes as well as collating and analysing data.  You’ll often work in a team with professionals from other areas and industries, so you’ll need good communication skills. You many also be asked to attend meetings, research and write reports.

What else do I need to know?

The jobs are really varied - if you work in this field, you could work in an office, laboratory, factory or in space or an ocean. The industry looks to promote equal opportunities so whatever your background, if you are interested then go and find out more and apply. Salaries are highly competitive and there are good career paths and progression.

Top Tip

You can improve your career prospects by gaining additional qualifications – for Electrical Engineering you can gain incorporated or chartered engineer status. This helps you move into management roles, become a consultant or specialist in a particular field.

Where can I get more information?

Many large companies have information on their websites about careers with them and offer insights to the varied roles.

This website has a multitude of information about Engineering careers:

Aerospace Universities:

Agricultural Engineering:

Civil Engineering: