How to create a personal brand


Of course, we are not saying to ditch the CV altogether. Absolutely not. But when it comes to marketing yourself to potential employers, your CV is just the beginning. 

How to create a personal brand, not a just CV, and why it’s important

Of course, we are not saying to ditch the CV altogether. Absolutely not. But when it comes to marketing yourself to potential employers, your CV is just the beginning. Students of marketing will know that any successful promotion relies on a ‘marketing mix’ – the use of as many tools and media channels as possible. No business can rely on just newspaper advertising. Or just social media. Or just their website.

And your talent, your career, is no different.

If you want to be found, you need to be in different places. If you want to be heard, you need to speak to different audiences. And if you want to capture interest, you need to explore innovative ways in which to promote yourself.

Which is why a CV alone is so limiting. And yet, so many job boards rely heavily on transactional CV databases. Our research with candidates and employers highlighted the frustrations on both sides of the talent marketplace with reliance on CVs. For a graduate, pulling together a CV can be a real struggle, particularly given a lack of work experience. There you are, a talented, creative, driven individual, confined to two pages of words – and CV writing is a real skill, one which few people have. For employers, they are looking not only for the experience and skillset, but for the personality, the cultural fit, the drive and passion that will see the right candidate thrive and add value to their organisation.

You need more. We’re providing it. And this is why.

  1. A social media profile, in comparison to a CV, enables free, informal, genuine content. Of course, a great writer can create a fantastically engaging CV. But the reality is, the majority follow a standard template, length and format populated with a fairly dry collection of dates, qualifications and hackneyed phrases that candidates feel they should include. Social media, by its very nature is social. You can be yourself, write freely about your hopes and dreams, leaving the technical stuff to the CV.
  2. In some fields of study and careers, a CV simply can’t capture your work and your talents. Being able to upload portfolio items, artwork, papers, prizes and anything else that will demonstrate your abilities may be the difference between being visible, and invisible. It will enable a multi-dimensional view of your talents, which deserve to be seen.
  3. The statistics show that a high number of graduates leave their jobs after only one year. After all that effort to secure that first role, so many find that it just wasn’t the right job for them. And this often comes down to cultural fit, being ‘on brand’ with the organisation. By enabling your personality to come through in your career marketing, the companies that will find, follow and express interest in you, should be more likely to be the right ones.
  4. Maybe your strength is in your personality. On paper, you’re okay but not likely to stand out. But in interview, you shine. How many employers may pass you over, when if you could only have got in front of them, you’d have wowed them for sure. Enter video. A media widely accepted to be one of the most powerful in marketing. So use it. Show recruiters who you are and what you can do and what you are all about. No, it’s not for everyone, but for a confident, articulate, creative candidate, it could be your perfect way to showcase your talent.
  5. Innovation. How many of the top graduate recruiters have innovation as one of their key drivers in attracting talent? Most of them. And how much innovation can you demonstrate with a CV? Not a lot. So use your mybrink profile to show that you can think differently, push boundaries and embrace technology.

A great CV is the first step towards marketing your talent. Make sure you complete the journey.

For more information on how to write a brinking great CV, see our how to guide.

From the mybrink team, good luck!