How to dress for success at interview


The essential guide to looking good and feeling great at interview.

mybrink has teamed up with top fashion stylist Sara Mitchell to offer you this essential guide. With our handy hints and tips and advice, you’ll feel confident, look fabulous and be dressed for success.

Think conservative. Think professional. Think comfortable.

Be clean. Be smart. Be prepared.

Before the day

You’ll want to ensure you blend in with your potential employer’s working environment, so if you’re unsure, do this;

  • Ask your tutor or careers advisor for advice
  • Look at the organisation’s literature and website to get a feel for their brand
  • If possible, check out the office and the people going in and out
  • Play it safe – better to be too smart than too casual

Decisions, decisions

  • Go shopping and take this handy guide with you!
  • If in doubt, ask! With so much choice in the shops you may be unsure of the correct length, size, fit and style of suit that suits you. But that’s what the assistants are for, so let them guide you through the options.
  • If it’s not a new outfit, wash/dryclean/iron/check for stains/holes
  • Lay out your outfit with all accompanying accessories – shoes, socks, tights, bags, jewellery
  • Try it all on. CHECK IT FITS! Identify any shopping needs. Make sure you’re comfortable (especially in new shoes!). Look in the mirror. Admire.
The winning outfit
Are you a girl? Are you a boy ?

Suit in neutral, dark colour like black or navy

Single breasted jacket


Knee length skirt or tailored dress

Make a reasonable investment in a good quality suit – M&S or Next have a good selection of sensible but on trend options from around £80-£100.

Plain dark colour like navy, black or grey, avoid patterns, textures and shine


Aim for a lean silhouette, slender cut trousers, single breasted jacket

Light coloured, conservatively cut shirt, either plain or in a subtle print such as polka dot or fine stripes. Not low cut, not fancy, embellished or sheer.

Plain, light, cotton mix shirt, look for non-iron ones to make life easier and make sure it fits around the collar – breathing is good


Wear a tie in a plain colour (ideally not black), and just in case you were thinking it, no novelty ties.

Subtle jewellery; nice watch, small stud earrings, delicate necklace, remove nose studs or other piercings.

Slender plain belt


Nice watch, no jewellery, no piercings

Smart closed toe, mid height heeled shoes. No flip flops, no stilettos and if you need to wear flats go for smart ballerina pumps

Plain black smart leather shoes, worn before the day to check for comfort, cleaned and polished

Tights in a natural shade

Plain black unpatterned socks

Smart handbag in a plain colour. No blingy logos and trims. If you carry everything but the kitchen sink, go for a small shoulder bag and a smart tote bag. 

Smart, clean, leather or leather effect messenger bag, no rucksacks or carriers


? Wear jeans ? Wear linen ? Jingle ?Totter ? Look sexy ? Drip in designer labels ? Wear second hand/vintage ? Smell – overpowering odour of any kind is a no no. Be clean, fresh and take it easy on the fragrance ? Have tattoos on display ? Have a crazy hair colour or any other distracting embellishments

On the day

  • Shower, wash and dry your hair. Neat style off the face.
  • Ensure nails are clean and trimmed, with a natural colour polish for the girls.
  • Girls - apply natural but full make up, for a finished look. Green primer under foundation if you blush, subtle tone of lipstick.
  • Boys - be clean shaven.
  • Remove piercings, cover tattoos.
  • Plan your journey in advance, arrive early.
  • Pack an umbrella
  • Pack a comb/brush and use it when you arrive to neaten those locks, especially if it’s windy
  • Girls pack and touch up your lipstick and powder on arrival. 


Glance in the mirror. Admire. Go for it.


From the mybrink team, good luck!