How to use your language degree


Proving that you are fluent in more than one language is a great skill to have and one that is always in demand. As our world shrinks, working abroad becomes easier and being confident in the local language is important. There are numerous jobs directly related to your chosen language including teaching, translating or interpreting, but are you aware of all the other careers in which a language degree will prove to be very useful?



Most modern foreign language degrees will offer a year abroad so you can submerse yourself within the country and culture, as well as broaden your language knowledge with local customs and quirks. You’ll learn to work independently as well as cooperating with others and working in a team overcoming any language and cultural differences to be successful.  You’re likely to have gained additional skills to add to your increased fluency, such as resilience, adapting to your surroundings and finding your way around a new city as well as the actual studying that you undertake or work experience abroad.


All of these will be particularly useful if you intend working abroad for any length of time – you will be able to demonstrate your ability to cope and your passion for experiencing other cultures. 


Have you thought about combining your language degree with a core subject? Something like Business Studies or Finance with a language will potentially give you more options than a straight language degree for a career in the Diplomatic Service or Banking  and Finance industries.


Here are a few suggestions to consider and get you thinking about the possibilities ahead of you…


·         Tour Manager  

·         Teaching English as a foreign language

·         Career in the Diplomatic Service/Foreign Office

·         Journalist

·         International aid worker

·         International Banking and Finance

·         Language teacher


You will be able to choose how to use your language knowledge from a wide variety of employers and areas within their business such as -                     




                                   Charity work

                                   Business services





Museums, libraries & other tourist attractions


The skill set that you will have accumulated during your studies will be equally valuable and include attributes like communication skills – both written and spoken. You will have demonstrated that you are able to assess and interpret information and picked out the important points to convey them to your audience – particularly useful for an interpreting role.


Having gained a language degree, you are able to clearly demonstrate your versatility and this is a great asset for any company that you apply to.


Have a look at charities and NGO options for working abroad and gaining useful experience during your time at University.  Showing that you are forward thinking, flexible and self-motivated will set you apart.


Good luck from the mybrink team!