How to make the most of your holidays


You’re probably thinking, ooh travel, meet friends, chill out...

How to make the most of your holidays

You’re probably thinking, ooh travel, meet friends, chill out…

But there’s plenty of time for all of that, as well as beginning to network and starting to putting feelers out for long term work. 

It’s (hopefully) the only time that you’ll have this much ‘spare’ time before you start work, so make the most of it. Do your research early and plan your weeks, so that you really achieve something worthwhile and memorable.

Here are just some of the options;


Ideally you’ll be able to find a job – either a paid internship or obtain some work experience within the industry that you’re planning to have a career.  Find out about the main companies within the industry and write to them to say that you’re interested pursing in a career with them.  Be direct and ask if they’d let you have some work experience there – anything from a few days to a month would be a useful insight and be beneficial to you.  It shows that you’re proactive and positive about your future.

It’s the perfect way to dip your toe in the water and check that you’re sure that you are about choose a career in the right field.  You can find out how different companies approach things, which ones are the best to work for – and if you’ve spent time there as a student and make a good impression - you should find it easier to get a job when you need it. 

You’ll make contacts and network – people like to help and if you’re able to build a rapport with colleagues while you’re working there, then they might be able to help you gain work within the company or with someone they know in a different company.


Volunteering with a charity will give you bucket loads of experience. It makes you think for yourself in different situations and if you embrace the situation fully, you will grow as a person.  As well as looking good on your CV, you will experience things that cannot be taught and this will give you confidence and teach you about yourself. It gives you something different to talk about in an interview.

There are a number of organisations that collate the volunteering positions, as well as the organisations that do their own advertising. So do your research early and find one that suits you. 

Travel broadens the mind – we get told that all the time and if you’ve got the confidence and wherewithal, why not travel and get some work experience abroad.

You could find an opportunity to work overseas as well as in the UK. It could be something related to your chosen path, or something completely different – any experience you gain will be invaluable and shows that you can think about other people.

Large organisations and sometimes unusual ones have positions and you could find yourself promoting a music club or organising a sporting event. 

It will give you a chance to practice your organisational skills, shows that you can work in a team and communicate with people of all ages and backgrounds. Useful skills which will apply to every stage of your life.

Talk to older students at your university and find out what they have done and found to be useful. The careers adviser might have more details on this kind of activity so have a chat with them.  Let your parents and their friends know that it’s something that you’re planning on doing – someone might have just the right opportunity for you.  As with so many things in this life, it’s not what you know, it’s who you know.  Use all the time you have to build a network of contacts and see who you can help too.

Learn something new

You could also use the time to learn a new skill or gain a new qualification. How about a coaching course in a sport that you enjoy?  You will learn how to encourage and develop the skill with younger people and children and pass on your enthusiasm.  Working in the local community is a great way to spend time and the benefits are huge for everyone involved. This kind of activity could lead to part time or holiday work while you’re finishing your degree.

Time out

Do remember to take some time out to relax so that you’re fully refreshed for your next year of studies. Get ahead on your reading in a sunny place and have some fun too!

Make the most of a fantastic opportunity.

From the mybrink team, good luck!