How to write a Brinking great profile


You’re unsure how to market yourself. You’re struggling to put your skills and attributes into words. You’re not alone.

At mybrink, we’ve created a unique opportunity for you to showcase yourself to potential employers, but we understand that you may need support and advice on how to create impact and interest.

When you are writing a CV or a Personal Profile, you are not writing a job description; a list; a generic summary of skills. Well not if you want to get noticed anyway. You are writing a marketing document, a sales piece, an advertisement of sorts; all about you. And like any good advertisement, it needs to be these things;





Professional yet personal

Tailored to the audience



High impact

Specific and measurable


Your brink journey starts with your Profile.


So here are some tips on how to get started:


Think to your future

What is your ideal job and what kind of employer and sector interests you? Find some sample job descriptions in careers that might be of interest. Work out the common skills, personal attributes and experience that these roles require.

Think through where you are now

and how what you are doing may appeal to employers you are targeting. If you are currently studying, how is your course relevant? If you are in a first graduate role, what skills and attributes are you building that would benefit your next employer?

Think about your past

What have you done that makes you an outstanding potential candidate? How have you learned from work experience or your first role? What did your degree or course teach you? What practical, relevant skills have you gained through non-academic activities or holiday jobs?

Think achievements

Think accolades. Think positive results, feedback or references. Have you won any academic prizes? Have you had research papers published? Have you delved into a subject area and gained expertise through your dissertation? Have you shown initiative, creativity, leadership, proactivity, ethical principles, entrepreneurism, through any activities or jobs?

Self explore

What are the personal traits and skills that make you an individual an employer would want in their organisation? Ensure you state measurable, relevant skills. ‘Good sense of humour’ can be neither measured or a justified criteria in any role (unless you are applying to be a Comedian). ‘Hard working and enthusiastic’ are over used, generic and unhelpful in selecting anyone for a role. After all, what candidate would claim to be ‘lazy and unenthusiastic’? Your enthusiasm, passion and effort levels need to be implied through your experience, achievements and approach.

Think variety

We have created a Profile that enables you to provide more than words. You can upload documents and portfolio items. You can make and provide videos. Use this opportunity to demonstrate your talent through as many different channels as possible.

Get Started!

Your Profile can put you on the brink of a successful career.

From the mybrink team, good luck!