IT Mini-Guide


Every part of our lives involves IT – retail, sport, music, banking.

Career - IT

What is it?

Every part of our lives involves IT – retail, sport, music, banking.  It’s a busy and varied industry offering a chance to develop, research and create the next big thing. The current buzz word is ‘App development’ – it’s all about designing effective, user friendly apps. Other areas of focus are designing systems to keep a business running smoothly. This will include virus protection, office infrastructure and general upgrades. If a company has a large volume of data it will need a system in place to protect it.

What skills and qualifications will I need?

If you are looking at a management role you will need leadership and team building skills, the ability to motivate people and plan your work. An interest in maths, statistics and numbers will be useful – as will an analytical mind. If you are developing software you will need a creative mind; to know your market and the competition, be able to see an opportunity for development. 

What else do I need to know?

All companies that use computers will have IT departments so you could either choose a specialist IT company where the role could be very specialised, or a high street name with an IT department.

There are lots of areas you could work in –

  • Coding & programming
  • Communication & network support
  • Diagnosing & resolving faults
  • Developing & implementing software solutions
  • Designing & maintaining websites
  • Games developer
  • Information systems

There are hundreds jobs within the industry from Data Analyst to Graphic Designers.

Top tip

It’s not just jobs like you see on TV’s ‘The IT Crowd’ for example and If you think IT is just for techy geek types, think again, there are huge range of jobs within the industry and you might be surprised by your future colleagues!

See if you can get involved in volunteering/working with your University IT department – showing initiative will give you something to put on an application form and shows that you can think outside the box.

Where can I get more information?

You can find industry information here - and 

Keep up to date with the trade journals and information on the internet, the world of IT moves fast!