Graduate IT Consultant

Bristol     IT & Telecommunications
I'm currently looking for a Graduate IT Consultant based in Bristol.

The role:

Initial 4 - 5 months in the company will be engaged in training activities. These will include:

i) Self Paced learning on the Maximo product. IBM have a large knowledge base of self paced video tutorials covering all aspects of what is a huge product. These are organised such that there are video tutorials on different aspects of the product functionality and then online quizzes that are used to check the level of understanding that the user has managed to glean. We will be going through these and establishing a target list for the candidates to work through.
ii) Mentoring with project staff - we will arrange for the candidates to go out onto a number of the current projects and work alongside the project team to gain an understanding of the kind of work that we undertake as a company
iii) Formal training courses - some of which will be internal courses and others performed by external companies. Topics which will be included are:
a. Maximo installation
b. Cognos installation
c. Websphere
d. MaxTAF - a third party product used for automated testing
e. Amazon Web Services training
f. Database overview training (DB2 and Oracle)
iv) Performing a trial migration / system build of one of the existing clients as a dress rehearsal of the process of implementing a client from scratch. This exercise will be closely monitored and documented to assess their readiness for the role.

Once you are up to speed and trained up then the kind of activities that they will be engaged in on a day to dat basis are as follows:

i) Design of the system architecture for new installations of Maximo and related products on either the AWS platform or for a client's on premise hardware
ii) Peer reviewing each others work against the internal standards
iii) Building the required environments and keeping precise records of the installation process and the settings applied
iv) Maintaining the existing installed clients systems
v) Assisting in the process of log file analysis in order to determine the 'health' of clients systems
vi) Assisting the company support desk in the diagnosis and rectification of system issues in the production systems deployed in the hosted service
Contract Type
£20000 - £25000/annum
Expiry Date
03/08/2017 16:01:00
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