Marketing Mini-Guide


Marketing covers everything that’s involved in promoting and selling a product or service

Career - Marketing

What is it?

Marketing covers everything that’s involved in promoting and selling a product or service – it is likely to include market research – finding out what people want and what they would be willing to pay for it, advertising (all levels including social media) – tempting people to buy it, and copywriting. 

There are many roles which come under the title marketing and include:

  • market research
  • product development
  • analytics
  • web design
  • web development
  • digital media
  • copywriting
  • advertising
  • communications
  • events management
  • public relations

What skills and qualifications will I need?

You can study for a degree in Marketing, or you could study something like Business Studies – and top it up with a Marketing qualification through the CIM. You’ll need to be good at communicating with people and demonstrate you have the right skills for the role.

The following subjects are important – English, Maths, Science, Citizenship, Computing & IT, Art & Design.

You’ll need to demonstrate how you can make a product appeal to people, to think outside the box and use words and images to ‘sell’ your product/service.  An understanding of different cultures and languages is useful in our diverse society. Marketing is not just about visual and strategic skills but analytical skills like understanding the responses that you get from the research, returns on investment and so an aptitude for Statistics and Maths can be a valuable asset.

What else do I need to know?

Marketing is a popular choice of career and very competitive. A number of large companies offer internships which offer a chance to earn while you’re learning.

Top tips

If you have the opportunity then get involved in events while you’re at university like Open Days, or get involved in the Student Union website, or other voluntary marketing activities. Then ensure that you record the results of any voluntary marketing you undertake to show how effective the project was, this will make a great case study for your CV.

Where can I get more information?

CIM – The Chartered Institute of Marketing.  You can find out more about their courses and qualifications here  and more about their network which could help with your career.